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Springboard is a platform of organic farmers. We are a network of producers and rural entrepreneurs.

We see a prosperous and healthy Nigeria made possible by sustainable agriculture, organic food production, vibrant rural communities and personal enterprise.

Springboard develops the potential of rural people – women, farmers, youth, families and the whole communities. How? By setting up self-help groups (cooperatives), providing them with skills (through training), funds (through micro-loans), and markets (through our vast network). We proved that sustainable farms are not only possible but also successful. Our mission is to multiply the model of social enterprise that we created in Springboard and to help it thrive throughout rural Nigeria. We also aim to change the old and poor perception of farming – we believe farming is a dignifying source of livelihood and an exciting way of life. Only then, with the right mindset, shall we be able to make use of our rich resources.

Springboard began its activities in Irese village, outskirt of Akure city, Ondo State, Nigeria. We have expanded through the years to several rural communities in the following States in Nigeria: Ondo, Ekiti, Oyo, Benue, Akwa Ibom and Kano. We focus on rural farmers, women and youth. Our focus remains on expanding to all communities in Nigeria.

How big, is Nigeria’s Food Import Bill?

“Africa’s largest economy Nigeria is spending 1.3 trillion naira ($6.5 billion) annually importing food, a trend that has come under attack from some of the leading voices in the country’s agriculture sector.” –

With her 84million fertile arable land, Nigeria imports food and basic items (even toothpick!) that the country can conveniently grow and produce. Also, to keep up with increasing demand for food to feed a growing Nigerian population, local farmers have resorted to the indiscriminate use of chemicals to produce food for human consumption. If the current trend continues, Nigeria ruins its rural areas, exports jobs and erodes incomes of its farmers.

Imagine what would happen if Nigeria began to feed itself

Annually, over $6.5 billion would be in the hands of the enterprising Nigerian farmers and producers! Nigerians would eat nutritious & healthy food, farmers & rural people would become prosperous, healthy and highly compensated for their hard work, rural children would be able to attend school, far-reaching reduction in rural-urban migration, massive jobs would be created for the teeming population of unemployed youth, reduction in crime, and of course, accelerated growth in the Nigerian economy. Yes, we will also be able to produce enough to feed other Nations! This is the Nigeria we see at Springboard!

    Agriculture in Nigeria needs intense development to actualize its potential.
    Through our Farmers’ Training and Cooperatives set up, we work with farmers to grow food in the appropriate quantity and quality. We help ensure our farmers get value for what they produce and they produce in a way that respects the environment.....
    There is an urgent need for rural women empowerment in Nigeria.
    Since 2008, we have trained over 500 rural women in Nigeria with over 300 village enterprises started. There is an urgent need for rural women empowerment in Nigeria. Life for rural women in Nigeria is difficult as they most time work as laborers on their husbands’ farms.....
    We promote the sustainable use of land, soil, forest and water resources.
    Springboard is the largest network of organic farmers in Nigeria with over 1500 farmers and rural entrepreneurs and over 2000 young farmers in high school participating in the Farm To School Africa project.....
    We create more opportunities for farmers
    Springboard also serves as an off-taker for our farmers. For example, we buy Plantain in large quantities from our farmers at a good price and convert into nutritious natural Plantain Chips that children and adult love to eat. ...
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