Our Values

We are devoted to

1. Farmers’ Growth

Sustainable socio-economic development of smallholder farmers in Nigeria is the reason for our existence. We will not rest until every smallholder farmer in Nigeria is able to make a sustainable and comfortable living, earning at least $1,500 yearly from their farms.

2. Sustainable Agriculture

We are concerned about the way our food is grown. Also, everyone has a right to know the story of the food they buy or eat. We ensure our farmers grow their food in a sustainable manner using inputs that are environmentally friendly.

3. Quality

Our farmers do not take for granted the production of the highest quality produce. We are dedicated to delivering quality produce and products to our suppliers and clients.

4. Fair Prices

Our farmers get fair share of the retail price of their commodities. This is why they are able to grow more and sell for more. We make this happen by removing intermediaries and operating a transparent business structure.

5. Youth and women in Agribusiness

We promote women and youth to take on leading and active positions in agribusiness so they can succeed in their communities thus reducing rural-urban drift. Youth and women make up over 60% of our farmers.


Lives Impacted


Cocoa, Plantain & Rice Farmers


times more yield


Communities in Nigeria